Amphitrite 2017.

Impressive stalactites and stalagmites, in various sizes and forms are reminding the “visitors” of typical Mexican and Caribbean caves. The cave ceiling is mostly covered by straws, while divers will also come across impressive draperies, flow stones and massive columns, some more than 15m in height. One of the most unique characteristics of this cave is the “Snow White” valleys and cliffs, results of millennia of gypsum deposits.

The scope of our expedition is: introduce to the global cave diving community, using Amphitrite as our “main attraction”, the until now, unknown, virgin cave destination that is Greece.

Human activities above ground, are affecting our freshwater quality and reserves in ways that only by entering into these caves we can measure and protect. Bringing international awareness, attracting funds and scientific interest in order to ensure that the country’s natural wealth remains protected and monitored as it should be.