Andreas Andrikopoulos

Andreas “Ghost” Andrikopoulos is a passionate technical diver who chooses to address his passion in cave exploration and historical wrecks. He started diving in 2001 at the age of 24 and he never stopped since then. He calls diving, a way of living.

In 2005, the journey in technical diving and ccr began and he has completed the whole spectrum of them. Trimix oc, trimix ccr, full cave, advance wreck penetration training are just some of the certifications he has received. He has participated in the exploration and mapping of known and demanding caves. Furthermore he has explored some of the most well know wrecks of Aegean and Ionian Sea. Andreas, also participated in a project under the umbrella of Hellenic air forces, in 2011, in retrieving mirage 2000 fighter bomber of the Greek Hellenic air forces from a watery grave, at the depth of 75m and in some ghost fishing projects as well.

When Andreas is out of the water, he works as manufacturing production manager in industrial unit.