Cave Karavomylos

Karst Cave

Max Depth: 16m | Average Temperature: 14°C

8km from Agia Efimia and just 1km from Sami village, the traveler can visit Karavomylos village. The village is an attraction for the visitor to the island of Kefalonia as it is within walking distance of Lake Melissani and the Cave of Drogarati, perhaps the most important natural sights of the island.

In this village, there is the homonymous lake where, according to research, there is the termination of significant geological phenomena occurring on this island.

According to scientists, Karavomylos is part of the strange geological phenomena observed in Kefalonia: researchers have found that the waters from Katavothres on the western side of the island end up here after traversing underground Kefalonia and mixed with the freshwater of subsoil.

An essential element is rich biodiversity inside the lake, an example of its waters’ cleanliness. Deep inside the lake, there is the cave of Karavomilos. The cave has a maximum depth of 16 meters, a constant water temperature of 14 °C throughout the year, and three chambers extending 240 meters in length, heading West – Southwest.

The speleothems are remarkably rich, and the cave diver may observe them thanks to the stunning visibility of 40 meters or even more!

We want to thank Makis Sotiropoulos and the Aquatic Scuba Diving Club – Kefalonia – Greece for pointing out the points and information they provided on the morphology of the caves.

We visited the island of Kefalonia with our friends Akis Seisidis and George Toumpaniaris, and we hope soon to have the pleasure of returning to this magnificent Ionian island again for a series of new explorations!

Cave Karavomylos

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