Cave Psatha
(George’s Cave)

Marine Cave

Max Depth: 31m | Average Temperature: 21°C

The Gulf of Corinth is an elongated geological basin with intense tectonic activity over the millennia. There, in the bay of mat, in September 2017, the only known underwater cave of the area was discovered.

A group of friends of divers, George Toumpaniaris, Leonidas Stavrou, and Thomas Zournatzis, located at a depth of 30m. on the vertical step of the submarine wall, a small horizontal slit had no idea of ​​its well-hidden secret.

Passing marginally from the cave entrance, you are in a room of remarkable natural beauty with a penetration length of 40m. and a maximum height of 14m.

The cave has a North West direction, firmly upwards from the middle of the route to its end. We feel very strongly about the thermal bed, which is stable at 21 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Polychaetes cover the cave walls for the most part, and you will find shrimp of the species stenopus – spinosus.

The cave was created thousands of years ago with the sea level much lower, probably part of a more extensive geological system.

Cave Psatha (George’s Cave)

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Cave Psatha (George’s Cave) 38.122168, 23.210713 Cave Psatha (George’s Cave)