Cave Vouliagmeni

The first (spiral) room – Karst Cave

Max Depth: 70m | Average Temp: 27°C

On the southern outskirts of Hymettus, a few meters from the Eastern shores of the Gulf of Vouliagmeni, emerges one of the most beautiful and special karst systems in the world.

The lake of Vouliagmeni is an elaborate geological phenomenon, which is separated from the clear blue waters of the Saronic by a narrow strip of limestone rocks.

With the total number of routes explored to date amounting to 4.2 km at a penetration length of 933 meters from the cave entrance and with a depth now reaching 130 meters, the main chamber is considered the largest flooded chamber in Europe with a volume that reaches 2,000,000 m3.

Our team Top2Bottom Diving Team in collaboration with the Addicted2h2o on 24/07/2022 penetrated the first chamber of the cave which reaches a maximum depth of 70m and a minimum ceiling height of 15m.

Cave Amphitrite Marine Karst Cave

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Cave Amphitrite Marine Karst Cave 36.972935, 25.123158 Cave Amphitrite Marine Karst Cave Max Depth: 52m | Average Temp: 16°C

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