Stratis “Kas” Kastrisianakis

Stratis “Kas” Kastrisianakis, has been diving since 2001.

With a truly global experience in diving, from South America to Hawaii, and from the high altitude lakes in the US, to the Red sea and beyond, he calls the underwater world home.

A trimix & cave diver and a cave instructor, he is focusing mostly in projects that bring him to cave diving where his other passion, a 20-year experience in professional photography and filmmaking, blends into his diving adventures.

He has participated in various projects including Vouliagmeni lagoon 3D mapping, Underwater Archeological Mapping etc.

An all-natural farmer by choice, a passionate animalist and vegetarian, he is constantly looking for opportunities to help educate people about the need of sustainability in the modern era.

Stratis is a professional photographer and filmmaker, with published work in more than 12 countries & presence in numerous Art Galleries from London to New York City.

He is also an active Cave Diving instructor, based in Greece.