Sintzi Cave

Karst spring

Max Depth: >186m | Average Temperature: 10ยฐC – 12ยฐC

At the edge of a closed geological basin at 700m altitude and approximately 5km from the town Kandila in Arcadia, between the Arcadian mountains, the Sintzi spring gushes from the deepest known cave in Greece.

The cave is a karst spring, which discharges the water of higher aquifers into the local limestones. A key element of its genesis is the solubility of rainwater enriched in carbon dioxide. The water of the aquifer gradually dissolves the limestone.

The result is the cave’s unusual morphology with its intensely carved surfaces and its vast labyrinthine paths. The spring water is fresh, and its temperature fluctuates steadily at 10 – 12 degrees Celsius all year round.

The Sintzi spring cave was first explored in 1996 by a small group of speleologists – cave divers of SPELEO. Since then, a gradual recording began, mapping the cave that now exceeds the 1,4 km in length.

Sintzi is considered the deepest flooded cave in Greece, with the first mission, carried out in 2009, reaching the remarkable depth of 153m for the season. This was followed by the 2015 mission that reached a depth of 186m. and found that the cave goes even deeper, putting it on the map with the deepest caves in the world.

Shinji Cave Karst spring

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Shinji Cave Karst spring 37.761685, 22.340050 Shinji Cave Karst spring