Stelios Stamatakis

Born in Athens, Greece in 1978 he studied Mechanical Engineering and currently works in the telecommunications sector. His passion and love for the water and the wonders of the underwater world led him to pursue scuba diving from 2011 up to this day. His other passion is the design and construction of various diving tools and electronic devices. Video lights, cave arrows, reels, side mount harnesses, and a 2D mapping tool are just a few of his recently completed projects. Stelios spent over six months designing, constructing, and fully testing a custom HE/O2 analyzer which the team now uses to analyze its gases when out in the field.

A full Trimix and Cave certified diver and a founding partner of the Addicted2h2o team he is leading the efforts in the underwater exploration at the mines of Lavrio. The team has been invited to present its findings in the upcoming diving conferences of the TekDive USA in Orlando Florida and Dive Expo in Belgium.