Stratis Kas.

Trimix, Cave & DPV instructor (UTR TEK, SSI, CMAS)

Stratis Kas has been diving since 2001. With a truly global experience in diving, from South America to Hawaii, and from high altitude lakes and Florida Caves in the US, to the Red sea and beyond, he calls the underwater world home.

He teaching is focused on Cave courses. From preparatory courses to introduce future Cave divers to skills needed in the overhead, all the way to Full Cave. Stratis believes that cave diving is an all-inclusive theory/practice course, without the option to rush courses or cut corners. He is the author of Cave training manuals for the Greek Diving Training Agency. He has published articles and essays in many magazines and websites about Cave diving including GUE’s “Quest” magazine.

For Stratis, Cave diving is (almost) the only type of diving he does. He firmly believes that it cannot be an “occasional” type of diving, because of the intense focus and preparation needed, both physical and psychological, to make it a safe activity. The beauty that Cave diving offers each and every time he ventures into them somewhere around the world, is the reason he gets inspired to share it and train future Cave divers.

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