Cave of Vatsinidis

Karst Cave

Max Depth: 14.5m | Average Temperature: 23ยฐC (17-Aug-20)

Very close to the village of Suburb in Mani, on the road Kardamilis – Ag. Nikolaou, we come across an imposing cluster of caves known as the “Katafygio Vatsinidi” (Vatsinidis shelter). Its area covers 2,400 sq.m. of which 1,100 sq.m. under sea level. A series of clues reveal the establishment of humans here, from antiquity.

The cave’s main feature is the skylight located at the left end of the central chamber’s roof. From there, the sunlight diffused through it reflects in the turquoise waters! A lake corridor leads us to the second largest chamber and a series of smaller ponds. The cave decoration completes the fairy-tale image that this unique creation of nature offers us.

The first research mission in this cave was carried out in 1972 by a group of members of the Hellenic Speleological Society. At the request of Mr. Ioannis Ioannou, who participated in the first mission, a more systematic and thorough investigation was carried out in 1974. As a result, all aspects and grandeur of this geological system have come to light.

We want to thank Kalamata Dive Center and Anthousa Papadopoulou for the transfer and suggestion of entry points. Like our good friend Kostas Chris for his hospitality in the beautiful city of Kalamata.

Cave Vatsinidi

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