Why Greece

“Greece is famous for its historic wrecks, for its temperate waters and great visibility, that attracts divers from all over the world.But cave diving, has been a rare, “local” activity.

In Greece you can find more than 8.500 natural caves, subterranean and underwater. They were created as a result of the country’s rich geological structure and natural history, formed both on the mainland and on the islands. Some of these caves have yielded vessels, bones, rock paintings, jewels and traces of fire, as well as a host of other findings attesting to a very early human presence. Many of them are still (partially) unexplored until now.”

Special Offer

We offer both the ADVENTURES and TRAINING packages on the island of ANTIPAROS which include our SPECIAL 1+1* Accomodation Offer. Also anywhere in MAINLAND Greece there are caves and wrecks, we can create A la Carte packages for you.

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