Wreck Agios Markos 2023 (RTL)

Date: May 04, 2023 | Location: Wreck Agios Markos (Salamina)

Type: Ghost Nets

Aegean Rebreath spent three quite demanding days in three different locations in Greece to implement, with the help of 40 of our volunteers, several widespread initiatives.

Top2Bottom Diving Team, in collaboration with Aegean Rebreath on the 4th of May 2023, participated in another planned mission to recover ghost fishing nets. This time, we participated in an organized program of cleaning nets and fishing gear in historical shipwrecks of our country to further utilize and promote them by the local diving community.

The wreck of the cargo ship “Agios Markos,” which sank on the 21st of April 1941, during WW2, after the German forces’ aerial bombardment at Kaki Vigla in Salamina, impresses with its volume even today.

The operation was supported by Peugeot Germany and was broadcast by the German RTL network, whose members enthusiastically participated in removing the nets on the sea’s surface.

Underwater camera: Vassilis Tsiairis & Nikolas Margaritis (Τop2Bottom Diving Team)

Camera: Eleni Michailidou