DIRECTED BY: Alexandros Haritakis / Stratis Kas

A team of four men finds an escape and it begins with discovery. With a risky sport. A vivid sport, with true and sometimes dark feelings. Intense feelings, with a long checklist that goes through your brain and with the knowledge that this risky sport comes naturally to you. They escape through cave diving.

Having risen from an unexpected blend of personal stories, these four men demand the attention of anyone and everyone who understands their craft. With an extraordinary blend of preparedness, technique, and dedication, and the uncommon ability for turning the impossible into the routine.

It is natural that elements of uncertainty emerge over expeditions like this. All the tension that will underline these next days, is heavily routed into the unknown. Are they going to get the planned results? How much can they count on their skills if and when danger will come close? How much is all this worth? These are the fundamental questions of the sport at this level. Even if experience has revealed ways to overcome issues that could arise, it has also shown how nothing can be more unpredictable than what lies ahead”.

Cover photo: Nikolas Margaritis

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