At an altitude of about 400m, above Terpsithea in Ano Glyfada and after a long walk, one can reach the Thracia Stavros cave in Ymmitos.

Its existence was first mentioned in 1925 in the diary of that year (p. 45). On the 12th of November 1939, it was explored by the speleological team of EOS Athens and was described in the yearbook of EOS “Mountain” of 1946 (p. 114-115). The cave was in the news again in 1998 when the body of an unfortunate woman was found there.

The entrance has the form of a natural well, and the entrance has an elliptical perimeter of 5 -10 m. After a vertical descent to a depth of 32 m. there is a downward chamber of about 40 x 45 m., with the total depth of the cave reaching 50 m.
At the end of the chamber and at a height of about 10m, which one can reach by climbing with great care, a narrow opening leads to a new cavern with a total depth of 12m with more intense speleothems.

On the 16th of October 2022, we visited and explored this cave basalt with members of the Speleological Hellenic Athletic Association (S.EL.A.S.). We would like to thank Nikos Mitsakis and Sophia Nikolakakis for the organization and safe conduct of the expedition. Nikos Mitsakis, Sophia Nikolakaki, Socrates Avgeris, Evangelos Mitsakis, Odysseas Mitsakis, Christoforos Katsaros, Konstantinos Pavlakis, and Andreas Andrikopoulos.


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THRACIA STAVROS CAVE 37.912349, 23.791447